I have truly outdone myself

I have truly outdone myself in fainaiguer. A professional procrastinator, I am. While I justify this by calling attention to its potentiality of brewing creativity (& ideally, brilliance) under adrenaline, a dear friend further justified my procrastination with under-stimulation. Perhaps he is right & certainly do find its relevance in my responsibilities; I may just not be stimulated enough in excitement for the things I must get done. Honestly, the only thing that gets me through is how there are people in this world who literally face death for these responsibilities I put off. So, for them, I continue forth… 

4 thoughts on “I have truly outdone myself

    • Bonjour!

      Wonderful to hear from you. Unfortunately, my answer is yes to that… Haha But funny you mentioned that because it did cross my mind to play a bit earlier. Maybe I needed your nudge!

      How are you/have you been?

      • I might have “picked up” your secret desire to express your tone 😉
        Do follow your urge, as I feel this being “right” for you. Do pursue your inspiration.

        As they say : FOLLOW YOUR BLISS.

        Shame we are not neighbours otherwise I could have taught you – or maybe… you me 🙂

        The beginner may know things the so-called professional doesn´t.

        Are you reading or writing any poetry?
        I am presently visiting my mother in Romania. It is real winter here. Do you have any
        “winter” where you live?

      • I’m sure you actually did with your keen, particularly musical, intuition. 🙂

        I truly appreciate your encouragement; it’s hard to come across people who genuinely want you to do well or become better. & how wonderful if we actually were neighbors & engaged in such collaboration! Surely, I would be doing all the learning.

        I am actually doing both in my incredibly minimal free time. I’ve recently gotten the complete works of both Oscar Wilde & Edgar Allen Poe in the mail, so I have been immersed in both art forms. I’m not as familiar with them as I like, plus their wonderful mediums to turn to when I need a mental break. I have also been trying to find a particular book of moon poetry (I have an obsession with the moon) that I came across awhile ago, but can’t seem to find it… 😦

        How was visiting your mother in Romania? Are you still there & what’s your take on Romania as a native? I apologize with my delays in replies… I have the tendency to float, coming & going… I should turn on the notifications. Florida is known as the “sunshine state,” our winter is essentially nonexistent & immediately replaced by Spring… Most of the year, it’s just summer. Even though it’s winter, I’m lucky to bask in the warmth of the sun. Do you prefer colder or warmer landscapes?

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