Blacks on my left, burgundy on my right

Blacks on my left, burgundy on my right.  While I’ve spoke of dating the dark hours of the night with coffee, cigarettes, & candles, nothing is more of a guilty pleasure of mine than really spending an amber-sandalwood candle-lit night with my beloved blacks between two fingers on my left & a nice, very generously poured red (or two, sometimes three) cupped on my right.  I can feel the lovely warmth in my face & chest.

Speaking of my blacks, they’re supposedly banned in the States so they’re a bit of a hassle to obtain since I don’t get to go to the closest store for them.  When I finally found a liquor store that carries them, the cashier handed them to me while sharing, “You know, I know a guy whose lungs bled out from smoking a ton of these.”  I remember thinking, “Love, you’re talking to the wrong girl.  Just, um, please hand them over.”  But, I unperturbedly smiled, paid, & left to go enjoy them.

Here goes, I light my last.

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