coffee, cigarettes, & candles all night

Another sleepless night, so I turn to caffeine, nicotine, & sandalwood scented candles.  Soon, I will be immersing myself into a sea of words, both born & unborn…  & what would follow suit is the birth of the unborn inside.

I will leave here for now, with this:

Find ecstasy within yourself. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is you. You are the traveler AND you are the destination. In experiencing the ecstasy of your own being, you have achieved the final goal.


9 thoughts on “coffee, cigarettes, & candles all night

  1. A, that´s beautiful what you say:

    “Soon, I will be immersing myself into a sea of words, both born & unborn… & what would follow suit is the birth of the unborn inside”

    Good to see you around.


    • Thanks, Julien, that’s nice of you to say.
      This is new grounds for me, so I’ve been exploring & stumbling onto pages. Yours I’m fond of yours, your “art of listening” post drew me in. (:


      • Good, I am glad. I like the way you put it:

        “I’ve been exploring & stumbling onto pages” – that´s the way things happen once you´re open.

        You speak French?

        Where are you based?


      • (: It’s the best way to come across the best things.
        Unfortunately, very minimally. But, all the more reason to learn & practice!
        I’m based in the States – yourself?


      • J´habite a Stockholm that is, I live in Stockholm Sweden. I like French quite a lot. It is a langauage very appropriate for poetry.

        Nice name you got for yourself – “the sweet walker”…
        How did you come over it…?
        It makes me think of the antique philosophers – they never sat down, but debating with each other while walking…:)

        Walking makes the obesrver 🙂

      • Lovely! I haven’t thought of visiting Stockholm until just now… I hear Sweden to be wonderful place, were you born & raised there?

        Yes, I couldn’t agree about how French is so relevant to poetry – I love everything about it.
        It’s funny that you mention such philosophers because that’s pretty much what my name entails. If you get a chance, peek at my introduction/bonjour page. I explain a little about why my name is what it is.

        Walking certainly does make the observer! You can’t perceive what the world offers as much if you’re always so stationary.

  2. No, I was born in Romania, but since many years I´ve had my base in Stockholm. Through the nature of my work – I am a concert pianist and composer – I have been travelling quite a lot and lived in different countries. So being a cosmopolitan, I can say I have gained a valuable outlook on life – I speak quite a few languages, and this has given me the chance of holding different perspectives on life.

    Where in America do you reside?

    • Oh, lovely, what is Romania like? I was infatuated with Eastern/Central Europe when I visited a few years back. How long have you been in Stockholm now, & do you see yourself moving anywhere else any time soon? I’m glad to hear you that you have such a beautiful profession, I adore the piano… It can never do you wrong. It’s wonderful that you get to frequently travel to so many different countries, I only get to hope to do so soon at this moment in my life. Even more wonderful is that you know so many languages, how many exactly? I’m quite jealous. I plan on learning several languages within the next few years, because besides being able to hold such different perspectives on life you speak of, I find that the mere ability to connect with another to be indescribable.

      Just like you, I was born one place & lived a good amount of years in another. I was born in Seattle, Washington & have lived in Florida most of my life.

      • 🙂 Here is 4.52 in the morning, I woke up in the middle of the night…I think you´ve contaminated med with your insomnia…:P 🙂
        I´ve lived in Stklm for the last 30 years, more precusely since ´83. Good question if I see myself moving soon – I´ve been pondering on that actually. I will reside wherever I can fulfill my “new” life meaning – may be continue living here, maybe southern Europe, maybe – who knows…- America?
        This new meaning I speak about needs a place where open and unbiased communication is a priority…Where real Art can flourish and our soul thrive…There is no such place left,as Paris or Rome was few decades ago…The whole idea of Mirrors of Ecounters is to create again such a place – above all inside of us…: dialogue, mutual support, inspiration…

        For the time being I have taken a break from playing the piano. I do my best to build this new context I am speaking about – read my section “About” if you feel like – which means I am for the time being concentrating on these ideas. We all need a new, more healthy outlook on life…I am trying to redefine everything from scratch.

        Apart from English, I speak Swedish, Romanian, French, Italian fluently and German and Greek pretty well.

        If you wanna learn languages, start with few words. Try to find the poetry of every language, and that feeling will reveal the “how” in your learning pursuit. I never learned any language, I just speak them…:)

        Antway, I think you are truly fun person, with a lot of ideas and also pretty gifted. I will make soon a comment on your” bonjour” section.

        A la procahaine,


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