• bonjour tout le monde

    Bienvenue dans mon monde;
    Welcome to this world of mine,
    the world of la flâneuse you know,
    or who you will get to know.

    Yours Truly,

I go about the world like I’m not hurt so that maybe my heart will forget its black & blues

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen has been in my company for the past few days now; from cups of tea to bubble baths. He is the first person from the past I would so very want to duet with. — I remember you well, in the Chelsea Hotel you were talking so brave & so sweet giving me … Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Music Festival Locations in the World

Originally posted on Flavorwire:
Regular readers will know that Flavorwire has a pretty sizable soft spot for the beautiful and the aesthetically appealing — from college libraries to movie theaters, from song lyric tattoos to vampire films, we’ve sought them out and rounded them up. So, with summer music festival season in full swing, it seems…

Alone at midnight

Alone at midnight, I have been outside in what is essentially the wilderness on my yoga mat for nearly 3 hours now. The only friend to come accompany is a melting lustful red candle that coincides with the smell of the velvet trees. Velvet trees, they are, against the eigengrau clouds grazing by. If I … Continue reading

She was disappearing

“She was disappearing a little more each day, so thin, so frail, a wisp of smoke. One day she would surely vanish altogether, & there was no way to stop her.”

Grace – not merely my name, but a lifestyle.

Grace – not merely my name, but a lifestyle. Afloat far at sea in the night whilst the perfect storm brews is a dream that frequents me. The waves soon turn tumultuous, yet all at arm’s length is calm & I am at peace. Despite the moon’s absence, I see a glow steadily intensifying. I … Continue reading

Although you say

Although you say you aren’t actively searching for something, it’s clear that you are not satisfied nor happy with what good is front of you whether it be consciously or subconsciously. Go on & explore for I shall never be one to hinder one’s curiosity, but I surely guarantee that I will go on explore … Continue reading

Mankind’s insatiable need

Mankind’s insatiable need to coordinate every phenomenon with an explanation is absolutely exhausting; just being around it drains me. It is as if man needs a reason for every meager thing in order to be alright with our existence. Why is it difficult for many to just let go of the ego, accept all that … Continue reading

I have truly outdone myself

I have truly outdone myself in fainaiguer. A professional procrastinator, I am. While I justify this by calling attention to its potentiality of brewing creativity (& ideally, brilliance) under adrenaline, a dear friend further justified my procrastination with under-stimulation. Perhaps he is right & certainly do find its relevance in my responsibilities; I may just … Continue reading

Blacks on my left, burgundy on my right

Blacks on my left, burgundy on my right.  While I’ve spoke of dating the dark hours of the night with coffee, cigarettes, & candles, nothing is more of a guilty pleasure of mine than really spending an amber-sandalwood candle-lit night with my beloved blacks between two fingers on my left & a nice, very generously … Continue reading


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